Treat Yo Self

With Valentine's Day coming up, followed by Singles Awareness Day we believe it is always important to take time on self care regardless of what you are celebrating. It's all about celebrating love, and there is nothing more important than self love. 

We thought of 8 ways to treat yo self; 

1. Take a nap
Who doesn't love naps? Grab a cozy blanket and throw on some Netflix!

2. Meditate 
Get up a bit earlier then what you normally do, take 15-20 minutes to practice mindfulness. 

3. Colour
You can find a ton of cool adult colouring books, buy some crayons and get colouring!

4. Take a bubble bath
When was the last time you did this? Grab a glass of wine, run a hot bath and use the bath bomb from our treat yo self gift box.

5. Open up a savings account
Adulting can be hard sometimes, more then what we want it to - open up a savings account and save for something to really treat yo self on!

6. Exercise
This doesn't mean spending hours at a gym, find a class you would like to try and bring a friend along. There's tons of options for different ways to exercise in our city.

7. Declutter
At least twice a year we do this, you can get rid of a bunch of stuff you’re no longer using. Not only that, but you may just find something to use too. I mean, what if you find a new book that you’d forgotten about?

8. Take a day off and do nothing
Not all the time, but every once and a while, just take the day off from work and use it to do absolutely nothing. This is easier said than done, however.

It’s important we learn to take care of ourselves and we get bonus points when we do it while taking care of our financial health. So make sure you engage in some of these acts of self-care and save some money too. You totally deserve it!

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