SUP Yoga Sudbury

SUP yoga is a combination of stand up paddle surfing and yoga.  It is a new activity that is combining all the benefits of yoga and paddle boarding.  SUP yoga provides both beginners and experienced yogis with a new way to challenge themselves.  

The combination of the yoga and the paddleboard test your ability to keep your body and balance in sync.  It also provides the participant with a more relaxing workout than in the studio or a gym.  The sensation of floating provides calm and relaxation and helps you see the outdoors from a new perspective.  

Here in Sudbury, SUP Yoga Inc. is providing Sudburians with the opportunity to try SUP yoga for the first time.  Meghan Juuti (CEO and producer of SUP Yoga Inc) and the rest of the team bring their paddle boards and positive attitudes to different lakes throughout Sudbury.  You can sign up for single or group yoga classes and private paddle groups.  

SUP Yoga Inc is definitely something that everyone should try out before the summer comes to an end.  It is a completely new way to see our city, and an awesome way to get a workout at the same time.  Make sure to go check out their Instagram and their website to book a paddle before the end of the season.   

Blog Author: Andrew Watt 

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