She&Her – Women in Leadership Symposium is an event that features inspiring and empowering conversations with some of Sudbury’s leading females.

Can you tell us about your business + event?
She&Her is an organization founded by a group of females from Greater Sudbury. These women are passionate about female empowerment, and achieving success for all women. She&Her is an organization that works to give females in Northern Ontario the right resources, support and knowledge to become an exceptional leader.

Who is involved? Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves?
Our organization is comprised of our two co-founders, Samantha Davidson and Hailey Short and our Digital Strategist and Brand Ambassador, Kate Lafantaisie. We’re a group of best friends, who seemingly share the same vision for female empowerment and leadership.

Samantha is the owner and founder of Samantha Davidson Public Relations.With a BA in Communications and a diploma in Public Relations, Samantha recently decided to leave her corporate job to take the entrepreneurial plunge. With over 5 years experience in public relations, social media development & communications in both corporate and creative settings, and a passion for emerging trends, she is always looking for new ways to capture audiences, on and offline. When she’s not working, you can find her attempting a new yoga trick or seeking out adventure.

Hailey is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Greater Sudbury Airport. Hailey is an avid volunteer in the Sudbury community, having been involved with non-profits such as Run for the Cure, the Sudbury Food Bank, Mudmoiselle, and TedX Sudbury. Hailey is currently the Chair for the Young Professionals Association of Greater Sudbury, and also sits as the Director of Communications for the MMTS Board. Hailey is passionate about gender equality, Sudbury, and giving back to her community.

Kate is a strategic communications professional with a passion for digital marketing. Kate develops communications strategies that inform, engage and resonate with her audiences. Kate’s creativity and attention to detail allow her to simplify complex information and ensure it effectively communicates to her audiences.Kate embraces emerging industry technologies to find new ways of reaching audiences and to stay one step ahead of the curve.She holds a BA in Communications from Laurentian University and a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations from Cambrian College. Kate’s personal interests include health, include a dedication to wellness, nutrition, and traveling to new destinations with her partner, Nico.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
Our girl gang has always been extremely passionate about empowering women; we knew our community needed an outlet for women to learn to lead. She&Her came to fruition after countless cups of coffee, and utilizing local coffee shop’s wi-fi. We knew we wanted to create something for women in our community that was outside of the corporate setting. Since then, we hit the ground running and we haven’t looked back since!

What is your mission at the outset?
Our goal is for She&Her to be a platform for women to lift each other up, and motivate a younger generation to aspire to lead. We want She&Her to be an opportunity to exchange resources, and learn from some of Canada’s most exceptional females. Most importantly we envisioned She&Her to be a support system to encourage women to lead both professionally, and personally.

What are you most excited about for your business/event?
We cannot wait to bring together some of Sudbury’s exceptional female leaders. The symposium is a chance to hear from some of our most outstanding leaders, and how they became such great leaders in their industry. We’re excited to give our community a platform to network and celebrate women!

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