Perfect Low-Key Dates For February

If you’re looking for some ideas on low-key date night ideas, we’ve come up with six. Luckily, these are low-key date ideas that extend beyond (mostly) the four walls of your house or apartment.

1. Go To The Movies
Nothing beats leaving your house to go watch something on a bigger screen. Be sure to check out Imagine Cinemas downtown, a movie lounge that has recliner chairs, budget friendly movie tickets and the option to purchase alcohol while you watch. Win-win for a low-key night.

2. Coffee Shop Date Night
Check out one of Sudbury’s cozy coffee shops, tons of options all filled with great food and beverages.

3. Grab A Drink
Downtown Sudbury has handful of options when it comes to going for a drink. Depending what you’re in the mood for Red Fang and Townhouse always has great live music with a list of beverages.

4. Try A New Recipe 
Grab one of your cook books that have been stored away or Pinterest a new recipe to try! Head over to the grocery store grab all the ingredients needed, don't forget the wine! 

5. Take a Hike
Sudbury is known to have some of these best hiking trials. With over 34 just off hand, check out Rainbow Routes Association for more details and scheduled hikes!

6. Attend A Class
Whether it be a cooking class, yoga class or DIY class there are always so many options available around the city. 

Have an idea for a low-key date night? We'd love to hear! 

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