Meet the Makers: Old Soul Soap Company

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further! Old Soul Soap Company has been one of our partners since 2016, and they offer a huge variety of seasonally scented, handmade soaps that are perfect for anyone on your Christmas list.

Even better, they’re available as part of our Build a Box option, and in many of our premade boxes.

We talked to Robin Boulet, who founded Old Soul Soap Company in 2014, to learn a little bit more about her business and what inspires her.


What is your background, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Mississauga and grew up basically along the 401 corridor. I moved to North Bay in 2004 and to Sudbury in 2012. I have two grown children Katelyn and Joey, and my partner in life and lifter of heavy things is Trevor. We have three rescued Beagles, Sandi, Spencer and Chloe, and our cat Molli.  

Where did your idea for making soaps come from?

I was seeking a change in our lifestyle, wanting to be more conscious of animal testing (beagles are the number one dog they use for laboratory testing) and purchasing cruelty free products for ourselves and our home. I was purchasing soap products from a cruelty free company called Lush. It was getting to be expensive and their products weren't really exactly what I wanted. I wanted something simpler, no colours and no fragrance. I did quite a bit of research and practice batches of soap, and had many family members and friends give it try. Out of this, the Old Soul Soap Company was born.

I want every person to enjoy a quality bar of handmade soap at a reasonable price, simple! 

What is your favourite thing about making soap?

I like experimenting with new soap recipes, discovering new blends and seeing how excited my customers get when I create something new. 

How did you hear about Sudbury in a Box, and why did you get involved?

Emily, founder of Sudbury in a Box contacted me in the spring of 2016 I believe. She pitched her idea to me and I jumped right on board without any hesitation. I thought it was a brilliant idea and I was happy to be a small part of it.  

What is your favourite product?

Right now my favorite product is the Merlot soap. I can't believe it's taken me this long to make soap from red wine. 

Why do you think it’s important to “buy local”?

The "buy local" movement is hugely important to small businesses and entrepreneurs. It creates a sense of loyalty and belonging in our communities. We must all make a commitment to support the little guy and their shop. Entrepreneurs work extremely hard and have a passion for what they do, get to know one, see what it really takes to run a small business. I participate in our local market every summer and I collaborate with as many small businesses as I possibly can. The buy local movement is starting to take a bigger hold on communities and I think it's exciting!

Do you have any tips or tricks for new entrepreneurs in Sudbury?

Work hard. Build relationships with your customers. Be the face of your business. Always give more than the customer expects.

And finally, what do you love about Sudbury the most?

I love the people I have met and have had the pleasure to work with!

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