Making the Most of a Friday

A change in your perspective can also be helpful when aiming to use Friday to your advantage. We all get caught up on the fact that the weekend is finally here. So, get yourself out of that mind frame and view it as a day when you can get a lot of real, productive work completed. The sooner you can shake that mindset, the more motivated you’ll feel at the end of the week.

Adequate planning is crucial to getting things done, grab your calendar and a notepad and make a list of the things you want to accomplish over the following week. Planning out your week will help you set up for success and put your mind at ease over the weekend knowing there is a plan in place for Monday morning.

We know by the time Friday afternoon roles around we’re all feeling a little low on motivation. You know those big projects that you’ve been pushing since Monday morning? Start with those right away in the morning, and then save Friday afternoon for more mindless tasks like cleaning out your inbox.

Friday’s are typically the quietest day you’re going to get—there are fewer emails, fewer meetings, and often even fewer people in the office. Take the time to connect with your network, through LinkedIn to congratulate your contact on that recent promotion. Or, send an email to share an article you found interesting with that person you recently met at a networking event.

You deserve a must needed break from the office to return on Monday feeling recharged and focused—which means to set a firm shut down time. Getting yourself out of the office at a reasonable hour will ensure that you get the time off you’ve earned.

How do you make the most out of your Friday?

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