Holiday Boxes Are Here!

Hope this holiday season brings you crisp morning walks, visits to markets, abundance of coffee, fresh winter flowers, beautiful food and great company.

Sudbury in a Box wants to help you out with those friends, family members, coworkers that your just not sure what to get them. All of our boxes contain products that are locally sourced and made within Sudbury and area. We have carefully selected each product within to have these wonderful holiday gift boxes.

A few things to keep in mind when ordering each gift fix;

-There are limited quantities and while supplies last

-For fun we decided to add an additional FREE GIFT to each gift box

-Please be specific for delivering address and to whom it is going to

-Each gift box will be seasonally wrapped 

-Deadlines for delivery are: 
1. Within Canada: December 21
2. United States:   December 16
*Please give 2-3 business days for packaging and fulfilling each order upon shipment. 


If there are any questions please send us an e-mail at 

Thank you & Happy Holidays!

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