Hang With Us Podcast

We had the chance to catch up with one of Sudbury's news podcast. Two women who can talk about politics, pop culture and everyday 20-something struggles while always having a glass of wine in hand.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves?
Hang With Us is a weekly podcast hosted by Amanda Roy and Hailey Short.

Amanda is a Harry Potter enthusiast, advocate for staying home and doing nothing (and not feeling bad about it), and proud dog mom to Luna (yes, that’s a HP reference). Amanda is obsessed with all things banana-flavoured, Mr. Ben Affleck, and pickled Caesars. In her spare time, you can find her whipping up some crafty DIY projects, listening to True Crime podcasts, or singing along to Disney songs (I’ll Make a Man Out of You? Yes, please).

Hailey is a pop-culture junkie, self-proclaimed ‘pro-lady’ and pug obsessed (just check out her Instagram). Hailey is a sucker for live music, men with beards, and a good cup of coffee. When she’s not busy scrolling through social media, drinking wine, and acting like she’s 75 years old, you can catch her secretly trying to rule the world, Olivia Pope style.

What made you decide to start this venture?
We are obsessed with podcasts. Our favourite podcast, “Call Your Girlfriend” is great, but they’re based in the US so they talk American politics and issues, we wanted something a little closer to home. We couldn’t find any that focused on Canadian politics and news so we thought why not?! Plus, we always thought it would be fun to have our own, so one day we just said “let’s do this!” and made it happen. 

Can you give a description of the venture?
Our weekly podcast, Hang With Us focuses on pop-culture, Canadian politics (and the US election – how can you not talk about it?). It’s basically like you’re hanging out with us every Sunday evening while we chat and drink wine. HWU is available on iTunes, so subscribe and Hang With Us every Sunday evening!

What or who are your role models, what motivates Hang with us podcast?
We really wanted to have an outlet to talk about current issues that we think are important – whether it’s what Donald Trump said, or a new movie hitting the theatres, we thought it would be fun to actually have a place to talk about it. 

Do you have a favourite drink? 
Red wine (usually a Cab Sauv). It fuels every episode!

What is next for you guys, what can we look forward to?
We just celebrated episode 10 with some very special guests! We can’t believe how supportive everyone has been of this new venture. We look forward to recording every week, and finding new material so I don’t think we’ll be slowing down anytime soon!
As for the future? Well, we enjoy a good party, so yeah, stay tuned for that!

Any words of advice?
If you want to do something, but you’re not sure of it, just go for it. You’ll regret it if you don’t. We’re so happy we decided to bring our idea to fruition. It gives us something to look forward to every week!

If you have yet heard the podcast be sure to head over to Facebook to find out more about these two amazing women. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy! 

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