Eat Local Sudbury - Online

If you, like me, are always looking for ways to be more environmental but are also strained for time, let me suggest Eat Local Sudbury online ordering. Fresh, local and organic goods delivered to your doorstep, along with a smile! You can purchase online any of their in-store goods such as produce, dairy, meats and other pantry staples. Ordering is easy as organic pie (well, probably easier).

Each item has the producing farm listed, as well as whether the item is local, organic or both. Within your account, your preferred payment information is saved, so the whole process is super simple and efficient. Orders are delivered every Thursday evening, just in time for the weekend....and who's kidding who, most of us could use a little health boost on the weekend! There is a ten dollar charge for delivery, which, if you consider time is money, is definitely worth it. But, if you prefer to save the fee and pick up in store, that option is available as well.

So let's recap: fresh, healthy food for you, economic support for local farmers, and no environmental guilt, win, win.

Blog Author: Catherine Cranmer 

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