Salute Coffee Company

Salute Coffee Company is the best kind of local.   As soon as you walk into Salute, the barnboard and muted tones on their walls surround us in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Their walls are selling local artists paintings and sketches, and my Maple “Latt’Eh” is made with local maple syrup, which says even more about their small town mindset.  The fact that my latte was finished before I could even take a picture of the beautiful latte art says something too.  

Being an architecture student, I can't help but notice how the design plays into the atmosphere of the cafe.  High ceilings and large windows provide plenty of natural light, and the filament bulbs overhead provide a warm orange glow for when the sun begins to fade.  The atmosphere only gets better as the sun sets and the orange light from the bulbs begins to take over the room.  

Salute Coffee Company is one of our favorite local places to hangout with friends, while supporting the local community at the same time.  

Blog Author: Andrew Watt 

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