Ultimately Chocolate

Ultimately Chocolate is a small chocolate, confection and pastry business operating out of Manitoulin Island. The owner Lisabeth Flanagan who is a chocolatier, chocolate educator and professional baker was inspired when she spent a year in France completing her masters. During her time in France, she realized there was a healthy culture who embraced chocolate in their everyday life.  The quality of the rich chocolate desserts was nothing like the North American candy bars.

Lisabeth and her family moved to Manitoulin Island in 2008, she saw a need in Northern Ontario for top quality and richly delicious desserts. Ultimately Chocolates is increasing awareness on the importance of producing rich and luxurious chocolate and dessert experiences. In other words, she has the best job in the world - to educate people to eat only the best chocolate. She uses natural ingredients and no food colouring nor artificial flavouring in all her creations. All chocolate used to make confections is organic and fairly traded. 

One of the greatest creations is The Chocolate TOFFLE™ is a rich dark chocolate toffee wrapped around a decadent chocolate truffle. It comes in three flavours: Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Truffle, Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Truffle, and Peppermint Dark Chocolate. This is one of the many signature desserts made by Ultimately Chocolate.

Ultimately Chocolate wants to increase awareness for fine chocolate making in the Sudbury area. Their products are naturally made, indulgently rich and of course, delicious. You will instantly see that they are devoted to creating an ultimately chocolate. Treat yourself or someone else today!

For more information on Ultimately Chocolate's products please visit there website. Stay up to date with them on Instagram, warning mouth watering will occur.

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