The Shop Local Mentality

There are so many reasons why people should shop local. Sudbury holds a great example of how a community can be formed around shopping local. Having local businesses means the residents of Sudbury are involved in making decisions that will shape the community and environment. By having a variety of local businesses creates the character of living in Sudbury. Independent businesses are not tied to any national sales or marketing strategies, therefore giving many opportunities for a wider variety of products and services. This also means increased expertise and a better experience when shopping. By shopping local you get a full experience on the products or services available. The business owner or entrepreneur can give their full expert opinion about what you’re purchasing, where it came from and how it was made. They will be very well informed about their products and services and can adjust to what customers are looking for.

Shopping local is crucial for continued growth. Having successful businesses encourages new entrepreneurs to start businesses, which essentially leads to more jobs and more revenue within the community. One of a kind shops and restaurants is what makes Sudbury a great place to live. It allows us to discover interesting things, places and people. A personal connection can also be made with business owners. It gives the opportunity to get to know their customers and build relationships to encourage repeat business.

Locally owned businesses are the backbone for the Sudbury community. They are local people serving local people and giving the community a distinct personality. Let’s all take part in becoming community-focused consumers when and where we can. Let’s keep the money local and give back to our community by supporting as much as we can. Where will you start?

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